WebinarHK's Services

Email Automation

Create custom email invitations, confirmations and reminders – or let GoToWebinar handle it with our automated email templates.

Lead Management

Integrate with your CRM and handle lead generation and event creation in one place.

Custom Branding

Display your company logo and custom image on all webinar materials.

Mobile Support

Edit an upcoming webinar or start planning your next one with GoToWebinar iOS and Android apps.

Practice Sessions

Rehearse your presentations and keep unwelcome surprises to a minimum.

Audience Interaction

Create up to 20 polls before the session or on-the-fly. Add up to 20 questions to a survey and engage your participants with Q&A.

Multiple Presenters/Panelists

Hold on to your audience’s attention with more than one presenters and panelists.


Record your webinar — including audio — and play it back later for additional audiences.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor webinar attendance, interest and participation using at-a-glance dashboard charts.

HD-Faces Video Conferencing

Up to six presenters can share their webcams and participate face to face.

Network Security

Safeguard your log-in information and webinar data with end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption.

Desktop/Application Sharing

Broadcast a view of your desktop or a specific application.

Our Works

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  • Web Casting
  • Web Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Web Conference
  • Live to YouTube/FaceBook

62% of marketers are using webinars as a tactic to deliver B2B content marketing. Additionally, marketers rate webinars as the 3rd most effective tactic of all (tied with videos). From a research report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs.

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WebinarHK's Advantages

Having Conference Everywhere

A webinar is a method of conducting a meeting, presentation or training session over the Internet. Instead of traveling to an office or business for formal meetings, your computer becomes the conference room. WEBiNAR offer several advantages for employers, investors, large businesses and any other entities that need to communicate remotely with large groups of people.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Conducting a webinar is more cost-effective than having in-person meetings.

  • Convenience

    Webinars are a convenient way to reach a large amount of people without physically meeting with them.

  • Access

    Another advantage of a webinar is that it provides information that can be saved and retrieved at a later date.

  • Interaction

    Interactive aspects can be added to a webinar, making it beneficial in situations where collaboration is required, such as when a group of employees are working on a project together.

WEBinarHK Customerise Solutions For

Engaging with your customers, employees, partners, and prospects through online events.

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing
Cut through the noise and capture the attention of prospective customers with live and on-demand video content including engaging interactive capabilities. Target your audience, Increase awareness and Generate new leads.

Product Launches & Feature Updates
Provide the information your customers, prospects, and partners need to make buying decisions and remain loyal, getting the most value from your solutions. Educate potential buyers, Inform hard to reach customers and Create partner mindshare

User Conferences & Thought Leadership
Bring together customers, industry experts, and other strategic stakeholders to foster a healthy and growing community for your solutions. Share best practices amongst customers, Gather feedback from users and Keep the market informed about your solutions

Empower Your Team With Sales Enablement Events
Equip your sales force with the tools and processes they need to work smarter, respond faster and spend more time selling through Virtual Sales Kick-Offs and Online Sales Training.

Virtual Sales Kickoff
Take your face-to-face sales meetings online to extend your reach, increase engagement, and improve content retention while decreasing the costs of your sales meetings with INXPO's Sales Enablement Solution. Motivate your sales team with interactive video, Share insights from executive leadership and Build excitement and awareness of new products.

Online Sales Training
Keep your sales team educated with online training programs and sales resources to stay ahead of the competition. Deliver on-going product training programs, Create live and on demand programs for assessment and certification and Track your sales teams progress and topic retention.

Virtual Sales Toolkit
Empower your sales team with instant access to the latest resources and content available to help them close more business. Create a single destination for sales resources, Host product demonstrations and feature updates and Aggregate and segment materials by target customer persona profiles.

Drive Performance With Training Events
Get everyone in your organization moving in the same direction so they can learn more, faster, improving time to productivity with Employee Onboarding and Continuing Education.

Employee Onboarding & Ongoing Compliance Quickly acclimate new employees with automated training programs that minimize ongoing HR and departmental effort.Corporate onboarding for policies and procedures, Core values and organizational culture and Ongoing compliance assurance, tracking, and certification.

Develop a more effective workforce by educating corporate learners, tracking learning progress, providing certification, and analyzing knowledge gaps.
Scheduled and self-paced virtual classroom, Engagement through gamification, badging, and interaction and Mentoring and peer to peer community support.

Continuing Education
Extend the reach and lower the cost of educational seminars and events with online extensions and virtual-only sessions. Personalized pre- and post- session recommendations and follow up, Community interaction and user support and Real-time interactive attendee feedback and certification tracking.

Engage Your Audience With Corporate Communications Events
Keep employees informed, engaged and in sync with your business goals through interactive Town Hall Meetings and Leadership Updates.

Town Halls
Empower your sales force and enable them to execute on new strategies and achieve goals by leadership communications, business goals and priorities, Quarterly updates and customer stories and company announcements and organizational changes.

Leadership Updates & Company News
Communicate mission-critical and strategic information quickly and effectively with a dispersed global workforce and partner network through broadcasts with interactivity for executive communications, >communicate major announcements and news and engage and activate employees for strategic initiatives.

Employee News
Showcase your organization's expertise and knowledge of market trends and issues to foster trust and respect by the trends and topics your buyers are following, best practices from industry leaders and Useful educational content for your market.

About WEBinarHK

WEBinarHK makes the meeting easier by providing our customers with customerised meeting sulotions to reach global audiences through online event experiences. Founded in 2010, we re-invented the physical tradeshow by placing it online, making virtual tradeshows mainstream. With years of experience, our focus has always been on our customers and making sure together we deliver the best in class virtual events for marketing, sales, training and corporate communications.

Our Services

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Multi-Cam produciton


Web conferencing solutions


Pre-Event works


Post Event Engagement solutions


Why WEBinarHK?

We believe that successful events require both the technology and services to deliver an end-to-end event experience. Whether you need full service support, consulting services along the way, or a self-service option we will tailor our service offerings to your organization's needs.

Our team of consultants and subject matter experts can complement or train your team so together we deliver upon your program goals. From consulting and strategy, production and creative to technical and program management, INXPO is committed to the quality of your programs and supporting your needs.

Taking the years of experience we have under our belt, we developed our proven event-strategy methodology designed to deliver end-to-end event success. Whether you are looking to extend your reach globally, increase your pipeline or drive internal communications, INXPO’s methodology can help you develop the right event experience to overcome your challenges.


If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We available seven days a week to assist you.

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Developing a Webinar Strategy

Webinars are a great opportunity to educate your prospects and generate leads. Maybe you're already hosting quarterly, monthly, or even weekly webinars. But the question is: what's your webinar strategy? Do you have a process that you continuously follow for each and every webinar? Here is our planning:

Set goals

you need to determine the goal for a webinar you host. How many people do you hope to register? How many do you hope to attend? Continuously ask these questions to make improvements to the future webinars you host and always make sure you have ways to measure your success.

Consider partnerships

This helps with expanding the reach and increasing the audience, but also have various opinions and thought leaders on one webinar.

Streamline the process

The key to it all was a webinar integration to help with the process. WEBinarHK delivers audio conferencing, web conferencing and webinar technology. More specifically, with WEBinarHK's conferencing services, you can host lead generation webinars, offer interactive training, conduct sales demos, and host collaborative meetings.

Before/Afte the Webinar

The initial part is setting up the webinar. Then, we set up the landing page. If someone fills out the form, they are sent to a follow-up page that gets a follow-up email from WEBinarHK.

WEBinar Hong Kong Service

WEBinar's a web casting production service company, offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

  • Web Casting

  • All-in-one live broadcasting solution
  • Multi-Cam Production
  • On-site Projection Solutions
  • Live Web-streaming
  • Social Network Engagement
  • Cloud Video Recording & Hosting
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  • Meetings

  • The power of online meetings
  • Access Across Devices
  • Personal Digital Office
  • Rich Recording & Editing Tools
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Highly Secure Communication & Compliance
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  • Webinars

  • All-in-one webinar solution
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Robust Registration
  • Fully Customizable Events
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Built-in Analytics
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  • Learning

  • Complete digital learning solution
  • Engaging Content Delivery
  • Mobile Learning Across Devices
  • Immersive Classes Live & On-demand
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Efficient Training Management & Tracking
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We strive to deliver a high level of service that makes it easy to reach your audience and deliver webinars that drive results.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We available seven days a week to assist you.

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